AlfaRC Monster V2 215mm 5 Inch Freestyle Stretch X UAV Frame Kit


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Brand name: AlfaRC
Item name: Monster V2 5.1 Inch Frame Kit
Wheelbase: 215mm

Arm thickness: 5MM

Bottom plate thickness: 3mm

Top plate thickness: 2.5mm

Top and bottom plate spacing: 25mm and 27mm (aluminum column height 18mm and 20mm)
Propeller size: 5.1inch.

FC pattern: 20*20mm,30.5*30.5mm.

FPV cam spacing: 14mm and 19mm.

Weight: 76g


Lightweight frame design, Low Resonance frame construction (Less flexibility, more Rigid, more Durable).

Quick disassembly design.

stretch X structure, suitable for racing with Freestyle fancy flight.

The position of the motor compartment is widened and the collision is not easy to hit the motor.

 Package Included:
1 x Frame Kit