Holybro Kakute F4 FC V1


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The IMU is not the MPU6000 that we see a lot on other FC’s, but a high performance Invensense ICM20689 which is capable of running at 32KHz sampling rate. Not exactly the same but similar to the one on the Raceflight Revolt V2. Right now it probably doesn’t mean much in Betaflight, but if in the future they decide to go with faster Gyro sampling frequency the Kakute F4 would be ready for it.

Apart from the Gyro, the Kakute basically has the same capability as the Betaflight F3 FC, including Betaflight OSD and PDB. The OSD allows the pilot to change settings and PID using sticks through the OSD. You can even change VTX settings/channel/power if you have the Tramp or Unify Pro.

This guide shows you how to setup betaflight OSD.

To Summarize:

  • Soft-mounted Gyro
  • The Gyro is capable of 32KHz
  • Betaflight OSD and Integrated PDB

Spec of the Kakute FC

Here is a full list of specification of the Holybro Kakute F4 FC.

  • IMU: ICM20689 (Gyro and Accelerometer) with SPI
  • 3 hardware UART’s available
  • 16MB of flash memory for Blackbox logging
  • Built-in OSD – fully supports Betaflight
  • Integrated PDB with filtered 5V/1.5A voltage output
  • PDB rated for 120A continuous current
  • Bootloader button
  • Input voltage: 7V – 42V, supports up to 6S
  • Built-in current sensor
  • Designed for Betaflight, firmware target is “KTV1” (KAKUTEF4)