Oversky XR602T-A 14CH SBUS FlySky AFHDS-2A


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Brand Name: Oversky
Item Name: FlySky AFHDS 2A Compatible Mini Receiver
Model: XR602T-A
Antenna Plug: IPEX4
Working current/voltage: 50mA/5.0V (when data-back function is on full power running)
Size: 11*17*3mm
Weight: 0.8g

– Super small size and Light weight.
– Can connect and work on any serial port of F4 and F7 flight control board with or without signal inverter;
– Diversity antenna provides best range and best radio frequency performance.
– Supports data-back function.
– Supports working temperature measurement;
– Supports RSSI output;
– Supports normal or reversed SBUS (DMA control)
– Supports normal speed (100Kbs) or high speed SBUS (200Kbs, very useful for reducing time-lapse, Note 2)
–  Supports normal or reversed Fport (DMA contro);
– Supports normal speed(115.2Kbs) or high speed Fport (230Kbs, helpful for reducing time-lapse, Note 2)
– Supports port function configuration by user (port output protocol configuration, normal or reversed, normal speed or high speed)
– Supports configured data-back function (configured data-back working or not working, RF output power);
– Protocol switchable for FlySky AFHDS-2A to SBUS and Fport (C2 version)
– Supports firmware online updating;
– It can change data output protocol and data-back protocol according to customer requirement.

Package Included:
1 x Mini Receiver