Secret Shop Access (1 Month Subscription)



48 Hour money back Grantee if you don’t like what is inside.


Don’t miss out everything is posted inside now.


Some of the Current Hidden Items

BNF Drones

Prebuilt Drones

Special Top Brand Sales.

Disscount on general Store

and More




  • This is a subscription to the hidden items on the shop.
  • Priority on bundle deals and special sales from top brands.
  • Insane items will not be posted in general area.
  • You get 8 Hour priority before the general stuff is posted
  • My prebuilt channel quads go on auction starting at $99
  • And more

Patreons $10 and above get this access by messaging me on patreon to activate it. You can choose to buy 1 month access here or become a patreon to get all the access.

If you buy a DM-SplitSane Bundle or DM-SplitSane Frame you can access the secret shop.